Manali - Rohtang Pass

About Manali-Rohtang Pass: Manali is a hill station situated in the Indian state Himachal Pradesh. Manali is recognized as Valley of Gods. It is assumed that Manali is the home of Seven Sages, which is the Saptarishi. There are many other stories which prove the existence of God in Manali. The literally meaning of Manali is 'the abode of Manu’. Manali is situated at a distance of 40 km from Kullu and well connected by Roads from Delhi, Simla.
Rohtang Pass, situated at a height of 3979 mtr and is 51kms from Manali on highway to Keylong/Leh. It offers a panorama and spectacular Mountain View. The pass is open from June to October each year although trekkers can cross it earlier. This is world's highest jeepable road.

Duration of the Trip: We had a trip of 8 days and 8 nights from Bangalore and we visited Manali, Rohtang Pass, Keylong, Naggar, Manikaran and Dharamshala. Manali and Rohtang Pass can be covered within 2 days and 3 nights from Delhi. If you start from Delhi on a Friday, after visiting Manali and Rohtang Pass, you can reach back to Delhi again by Monday morning. But I would suggest making it at least 3 days 4 nights of trip.

Transportation: We had to book Flights, trains, buses and cabs as we had visited multiple placed during this journey from Bangalore. I have provided the details of transportation as and when it’s applicable.

Details of The Trip:
Day 1:
We started from Bangalore on Friday Morning by flight and reached Delhi by noon. Post-lunch in a local Delhi restaurant, we headed towards the bus stop, Majnu-ka-Tila.
P.S: One of our friends in Delhi dropped us to Majnu-ka-Tila from airport. But Manju-ka-Tila can be reached from airport by hiring cabs or by Delhi Metro. Metro will be the cheapest and fastest option.
From Majnua-ka-Tila, we boarded Dev Travel’s semi sleeper Volvo bus for Manali which started at 6:00PM. We booked tickets through Redbus at the cost of Rs 1800/-.
We halted at Karnal at around 8:00 PM for dinner. Though the dinner time was pretty early for many of us but the driver mentioned that the estimated time of arrival at next stop, Chandigarh is 11PM, too late for dinner. Food wasn’t highly impressive but not bad too.
We slept cozily in the bus after the dinner until the bus reached Mandi, next morning.
Day 2:
At 4:15 AM the bus reached Mandi. As soon as we got down, could hear a steady burble of running water. Due to the darkness, we couldn't figure out the exact source of that sound but it had left a mark somewhere deep inside the heart. After having some tea we resumed our journey for Manali by 4:45 AM and soon soft sunrays of early morning unfolded the mystery of that burble, ‘The Bias’. From childhood, I have visited many places and have seen almost all the rivers flowing across India; however ‘Bias’ is the best. I didn't even realize, how time swept away, gazing at Bias’s grace and beauty beguilingly until the bus reached Manali at around 8 AM.
We got down at Manali’s private bus stand. Many of our friends had advised to take all required precautions as it’s very probable to have vomit on the way to Manali from Mandi. But neither we felt nor we seen any of our co-passenger having any such problem.
We hired a Tata-Nano to reach hotel from bus-stand at a cost of Rs 100/-. We had already booked Hotel Rohtang Manalsu. All the prices are mentioned in the website; the room tariffs are inclusive of breakfast and taxes are extra. Rooms were moderate, decorated with quite old furniture however the manager and stuffs were very friendly. We got freshen up and came for breakfast. In the mean time, the manager arranged a car for local sightseeing and Rohtang.
We also had a plan to visit Keylong and so the driver agreed upon Rs 7000/-(including all parking fees) for Manali local sight-seeing, Rohtang-Pass, Keylong and finally drop to Naggar. The owner of the cabs, Prakash(Mobile – 9816115973) was a very nice person. He charged reasonably cheap compared to the other travel agencies or car owners.
P.S. Manali sight-seeing can also be done by car at Rs 600/- or by auto at Rs 300/-. Also 3 days package tours are available in 4000/- which includes Manali, Rohtang, Manikiran and Kullu excluding the stay.
We started for Manali sight-seeing at around 11:30 AM and the places we visited:
The Club House with its comprehensive facilities that include a roller skating rink, an auditorium, billiards rooms, a library, a bar and restaurant makes wonderful outing for the day. However, we didn’t opt for any of those facilities :). Instead, outside the club house on the Bias river there were two very exiting facilities, Burma Bridge and River Crossing, both cost Rs 150/- per head. My picture below can explain more about them than my words. Entry fee to club house was Rs 20/- per head.
Club House with Bias River
Burma Bridge and River Crossing
Burma Bridge and River Crossing
Flower at Club House

Vasisth Muni’s Ashram and hot water spring is situated at village Vasisth. It is renowned for its hot water springs and temples. Nearby, the pyramidal stone temple dedicated to 'Vashisht Muni' beside the 'Lord Rama' temple. There is a natural hot sulfur-spring with two separate bathing tanks for gents and ladies.
Entrance of Vashisht Muni Temple and Hot water spring
Lord Rama Temple

You have to park your vehicle at a place which is 500 meter down to the temple and have to walk all the way till temple from the parking. There is no entry fee. Also, there were lots of local shops for buying Kullu shawls and other local stuffs. We bought few Kullu shawls from there at a very low price; we actually bargained down to 50% lower prices, it depends on your bargain skills :).
After visiting Vasisth Temple, our driver dropped us at Gumpa Road near Mall Road of Manali, where we first visited a Monastery, a very calm place like any other monastery. We spent some time inside the monastery and came out to visit Van-Vihar.

While coming out of the monasteries, a restaurant’s board attracted my eyes. :) I will be wondered if you find a single place in the world where we, Bengalis haven’t arranged our ‘machh-bhat-posto’ :)

Then we visited Van-Vihar or Manali sanctuary starts from behind the town square and goes up in the mountains behind Manali. There is a biodiversity trail for the visitors, which showcases all the flora and fauna. But for me, more than flora and fauna, the main attraction of this place was to meet my newly developed love, Bias. You can spend your entire day just sitting at the bay of Bias and I bet you won’t get bored for a single second.
Entry fee for the place is Rs 10/- per head.

After visiting Van-Vihar, we headed towards mall road where we had our lunch at a small Chinese restaurant, Chopstick. Though the restaurant was small enough, the food was delicious, specially the fried momo. Any one visiting the place must try that for sure.
The mall road was attracting and we thought taking a stroll over there, but then it started raining, we decided to get into the car and start for the next destination.
Mall Road

We visited Manu Temple situated at 3 kms from the main bazar in old Manali. It is believed that this is the only temple of Manu in India, who was the creator of human race on the earth.
Manu Temple
Manu Temple
After visiting Manu Temple, we headed towards Hadimba Temple. Manali has many attractions but the chief centre of interest, historically and archeologically rich, the Dhoongri Temple, dedicated to goddess Hadimba, the Bhim of Mahabharat fame. It has four-tiered Pagoda shaped roof and the doorway is carved with legendary figures and symbols. This temple located amidst wooden forest of and is a pleasant experience to stroll in the temple complex which was built in 1533 A.D. A large festival is held here in May.
Hadimba Temple
Post visiting all tourist attraction, we headed back to Rohtang Manalsu by 6:00 PM. We took some rest with tea-snacks and started for Mall Road which was completely different in compare to the morning and similarly attracting. We did some shopping of shawls, Kullu-Jackets and Kullu topis. After taking a short stroll we reached back to hotel by 9:00 PM as they mentioned that kitchen closing time is 9:30.
Day 3:
We finished our breakfast with yummy Alu-Gobi paratha and started for Rohtang Pass, Keylong at 8:30AM. If someone wants to leave early for sight–seeing or wants to check out early, they have facility to pack breakfast as well. On the way to Rohtang Pass we visited,
Kothi is a pretty little village, 12 km from Manali on the Keylong road. There are very fine views at Kothi and the Bias river flows through a very deep and narrow gorge at this point. This is the last village on the way to Rohtang Pass and also famous for Hydroelectricity plant.
Top view of the Village
Pipe carrying water for Hydroelectricity plant

Rahala Water Falls is situated at a distance of 16 kms on way to Rohtang pass. If you go to Marhi, walking from Kothi from the old road, the sight of the falls is fascinating.
Rahala Water Falls
On the way we came across some incident of land slide and were amused by the promptness of Indian Army on cleaning the debris.
Road to Rohtang
Road to Rohtang
Marhi is a picturesque point on the way to the Rohtang pass.
Bikes on a road trip to Ladak
Finally we reached Rohtang at 11:00 AM. In case you are not carrying enough warm cloths, don’t worry, you will find ample to rent from Rohtang Pass at a cost of Rs 250/- per head and boots at a cost of Rs 150/- head. Don’t rent the dresses from any of the shops on the way as well, as they charge more. There are couple of places in Rohtang pass which can be seen riding on horse. They charged Rs 3000/- per couple. Rent also decided depending on the number of people in the group.
Rented Dress and Horse in Rohtang
Horses to be Rented
On Rohtang Pass, at the initial point of cascading slopes toward the Manali, Bias Kund and temple of Maharishi Bias is situated. Beas Kund is the origin point of river Bias a thick stream of river starts there and becomes a fully fledged river further.
Bias Temple
Snow point: During August, most of the snow melts in Rohtang pass and only available at a top most point. The place is named as snow point.
Snow Point
Zero Point is the most Picturesque point as per me. A place with zero noise, zero pollution and absolute peace can only be compared with heaven.
Zero Point
Only living thing apart from us and the grasses
View at Zero Point
There was a small lake while coming back from zero point to the parking lot of Rohtang pass.
Lake at Rohtang
Once we visited all four points, we came back to parking area and had our lunch with maggi and coffee. Trust me, maggi never tested better than this. By 2:00 PM, we started for Keylong. Those who all are not visiting Keylong, can again come back to Manali and depending on road conditions, you can reach by 6:00 PM

Note: While visiting Manali-Rohtang Pass there are few things which needs to be kept in mind
1. Most off the hotels, restaurant, travel agencies and shops don’t accept debit/credit card. Also, the ATM availability is also not very frequent. So make sure to carry ample amount of cash.
2. Rain is very frequent in these areas. So carry umbrella during all seasons. Also, temperature can fluctuate during any season; make sure to carry ample amount of woolens.
3. Bargain is a key of shopping in Himachal Pradesh :). So, always try your best to bargain for everything you buy.

Disclaimer: We went for this trip in August’2013. So the rates and timing might have changed by the time. Please check with hotel and travel agents about current timings and rates. I tried to provide as much as details is possible for the trip. For any further clarification please feel free to contact me @
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