Innovative Film City

About IFC: Located 40km from the heart of Bangalore and spread over 50 acres of land, Innovative Film City is an entertainment paradise with world-class facilities. It houses 27 different facilities ranging from, Amphitheatre, Retail High Street, Food Courts, Theme Restaurants, Entertainment District with India's first Dinosaur Park, Haunted Mansion, Cartoon City with India's biggest Roller Coaster, Aqua Kingdom, Miniature city, Ripley's Enchanted Mirror Maze, Ripley's Believe it or Not Museum, Funplex within 4D- Theatre, Louis Tussaud's Wax Museum, Go-Karting, Mini Golf, Innovative Wannado City, Adventure Sports, Roller Skates, Fossil Museum, Fossil Hunt, Double Decker Carrousel, etc.

Transportation: We hired a cab from City Cab by calling 4343 4343. It took approximately 3:00 hours to reach Innovative Film City from Marathahalli, Bangalore in a rate of Rs 800/ each way. We were four people.
Other than the hired cab services or personal cars, BMTC has arranged bus services from KR Market and Kempgowda Bus Stop to Innovation Film City and vice versa.

Details of the Trip: Innovative Film City is a perfect outing place for weekends. The place has been designed keeping the likings and interest of people of different age group in mind. The entire film city segregated in multiple sections like Main Street, Wild Wild West, Cartoon City, Gardens and Amphitheater.

Main Street

Teddy Museum is entire city for teddies of different kinds like, cricketer teddy, musician teddy, Indian Priest, Formula1 Racer, Disco Dancer, Wild teddy, golf player, film director, teddy at a nightclub, teddy wearing khadi, dandiya playing teddy and many more which is not imaginable at all for a teddy.

Innovative Talkies: This place will remind one about the old village talkies with a rustic setting, equipped with a bullock cart & ticket counter. When we went inside it was picturing the movie, "Sholay".

Innovative Toddler’s Den is a play area with an adorable snakes & ladder's floor with a collection of rides straight from the neighborhood park. It also has a classroom, movie show, a tiger family and another play area. It has an enclosure not too far from the play area with psychedelic coloured balls for the kids to hop, skip and jump!

Mining: Another attraction just by the main street on Innovative Film City. A dark lane will take you to a mine themed sandy place, detail decorated by mining accessories like yellow colored light-fitted helmet, shovel and shaft driven wooden path to carry sand filled bucket. My wife, a girl of eastern coalfield area and had never seen a real mine, was very exited about this place.
There is also a treasure hunt game inside the mine. Once can use to shovels and dig to get the treasures.

Innovative Wannado City is a miniature city replica of Bangalore armed with all the settings and props you may need to do a role play. It is a very interesting and fun layout of a regular city with its basic public amenities.
The city has its own Hospital, Police Station, Radio Station, TV Station, High Court, Fire Station, Archaeological Cave.
In the TV station, you can actually read news or conduct an interview and burn the event in a CD in a very minimal amount.
Similarly, in the Radio station, you can sing song or recite something, which will be played in the Film City.

Wild Wild West is entirely designed to make it look like the barren land of the Americas. The deserted setting, stubble and horses of the place will definitely make you think twice if you are in Bangalore.

Other than the Main Street, Wild Wild West, there are some other attractions of IFC like,
Mirror Maze is a complete dark room, beautifully decorated with red arches and mirrors. As easy it is to go inside of the maze, more difficult it is to come out of the same. The surprising corners, dead ends and continuous circles and your reflection in the mirror will keep confusing you till you get exhausted.

Walking through this Dino park, will remind you about your childhood memory of Jurassic Park and surely will make you feel you are actually in the Jurassic Park, surrounded by several dinosaurs.

Fossil Museum is very aptly placed adjacent to the Dino Park, with a collection of remains and relics from the prehistoric era. From the tiniest detail of preserving claws to having a collection of the dinosaur heads, this museum is a fascinating walk down the Jurassic era with over 219 dinosaur species fossils.
There are incredible stories about the extinction of this species coupled with actual fossil remains of their skulls and other body parts which is sure to give you a whole lot of information for a day.

There is another treasure hunt outside this museum as well and there are attractive gifts also.
Haunted Mansion: The dimly lit, dingy, old, dirty but huge mansion will definitely touch the nerve of yours. The place has everything starting from Skeletons, ghosts, half beard man, zombies and many more. The sound effect of this place adds the more horror to the place.

The Cartoon City is the place where not only children, but elders also can enjoy forgetting their age. Roller Coaster, Dashing Cars, Carousel, Star Wars, Shark Attack, Bungee Jumping will definitely take you to your old childhood days.
Velocity, Go Carting track will bring the F1 Racer out of you. You have to play Rs 100/- for four laps.
Exhausted, tired and hungry, we decided to take lunch, and some rest for sometime before going further.

There is a food court in the IFC campus with various options from North India to South India. Furthermore who is not interested in traditional foods, they have options like Mc. Donald's and Cafe Coffee Day.
Our next destination was, Aqua Kingdom, the place I liked most in IFC. There is a pool with artificial waves and real sand bed beach, which will surely feel you at sea-beach for sometime. Other than the wave pool, you can't resist yourself from sliding through the huge water slides.
You won't even realize when the time flew in the dance floor with the DJ playing in DJ Tower. Kids Pool, Woonden Benches, Beach chairs, Lazy River will definitely wash way all your tiredness.

Make sure to carry an extra set of dress so that you don't miss the fun of water kingdom.
Ripley's Believe it or Not, Mr Robert Ripley's ghost of 63 years personally welcomes you to his humble abode where he has, over the years, created a collection of the freakiest of human and in-human phenomena. There are only 9 locations outside of North America which exhibits his collection and Innovative Film City is one of them – the only one in India! For the fans of Star Wars (and even people who have vaguely heard of it), nutty Darth Vader and Boba Fett greet you at the entrance – made completely of nuts & bolts! What starts with randomly assorted Believe it or Not facts, slowly grows into a very interesting expedition of nature & science. We travel through the underwater area where a host of 'shark-ing' facts come to the fore – from Megalodon shark to a metalo-maniac shark's remains.
All of us like to believe we are different in some ways. But this section of Human Oddities has a totally new take on the matter. A human unicorn, 1400lbs man and 8'11" man are only some of the people out here to prove to you exactly how different can difference be!
If humans shocked you with their mere existence, the next section of man made wonders is sure to wow you out! We proudly boast of a collection of beautiful artifacts to creative machines ahead of their times. Chinese Camel Bone Carving, Sinatra's painting of only butterflies, multipurpose Foglomobile made out on only roadside war debris, Humbug Major's Candy Machines are only to name a few!
The next section would creep you out unless ofcourse, at some point in time, you have fantasized about witnessing a Roman execution at the Colosseum! The torture chamber is full of ancient torture techniques – electric chairs, premature burial, liar's hell et al. It will actually leave you wondering how it was humanly possible to come up with the concept of having 14 spikes in a coffin to pierce you when you are buried alive in it. Come here to find out why, when and how!
And you can end this very fascinating tour with a little illusion room with puzzles, which play mind games with you and a miniature gallery proving that if not good, very interesting things come in small packages.
With every display, there is a frame with the details about the item. You must not miss to read them as they contain the most absurd facts!

Louis Tussaud Wax Museums Louis Tussaud was the great-grandson of Madam Marie Tussaud. He created his first wax museum in Blackpool, Lancashire. There are less than ten of his wax museums around the world and the only one in India is at Innovative Film City.
The collection at the museum cuts across reality and fiction! It is possible that you would have never imagined what Mona Lisa would look like in real-life – but we at the museum give your imagination a life like visual of her.
You can read with Shakespeare, sing with the Beatles, have a drink with Humphrey Bogart or even woo your favorite Disney Princess. Each wax statue has been created in the time-honoured Louis Tussad craftsmanship.

Gardens and Amphitheater are situated in a section which is a picture-perfect place for photo session. This place is decorated with a super miniature city. Furthermore, there is an amphitheater, which can be hired for arranging some events.

Last but not the least, in the list is Funplex. After completing the enjoying all the attractions, one must visit this place. Star war, Drum king, space ride is some of the attractions; you will definitely enjoy as much as your kids will. There is also a three lane blowing zone and a cricket net.
This section is not covered under the package, so make sure save enough cash to enjoy in this section as they don't accept cards. For the skating lovers, there is a zone where they can put there skating wheels, "Roller Skates." None of us is fond of skating, so we didn't go through this section. This section is also not covered under the package.
The park closes at around 7:00 p.m. Hence We had to put a full stop in our tour and head towards home.

Disclaimer: We went on this trip in Jan’2012 and there are chances that the rates and timing might have changed. Please check with cab service providers and Innovative Film City admin about current timings and rates. I have tried to provide as much information as I can regarding Innovative Film City. You can refer the link Innovative Film City for further details or to contact me @ or comment on the blog.
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